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Made in NSW TV Drama 2019-20 Round 67

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Made in NSW - TV Drama Overview

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Aboriginal people of what is now called New South Wales and value their ongoing connections to country, community and culture that have existed across millennia.

We celebrate through these connections, Aboriginal cultural strength, resilience and contemporary creativity. 

We respect the role that Aboriginal creatives play in contribution to a deeper sense of identity and place through sharing knowledge, skills and stories and the important role that Aboriginal Elders are in guiding this process.

Overview - Made in NSW - TV Drama Fund

MADE IN NSW MADE IN NSW -TV Drama supports the attraction of significant international and domestic feature film and major TV drama production to NSW.

The program will create a pipeline of high-end screen production in NSW and build on the success of previous investment. The program will focus its investment in new film and TV projects that:

  • significantly contribute to the NSW economy
  • create high value jobs
  • create new opportunities in western Sydney and regional NSW
  • build the skills and capacity of established and emerging practitioners
  • grow audiences; and
  • contribute to NSW’s reputation as the leading State in business and film.

The MADE IN NSW – TV DRAMA fund recognises the potential for major Australian TV drama series to:

  • Grow bigger audiences at home and internationally;
  • Create opportunities for NSW production companies to finance their new shows with international partners;
  • Develop returning series which leads to more work for our crews; and
  • Tell Australian stories that are both locally relevant and have international resonance.

Throughout this period there will be several rounds in which projects will be assessed. These rounds will align with Create NSW Production Finance Rounds.

Completing the application
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Privacy Notice
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This fund will support TV drama production, by NSW based companies, that has the potential to travel internationally, reach new audiences by premiering on digital platforms and play to large audiences via traditional media outlets.

Eligible projects will be must-see, event TV with the potential for returning series and have a prime-time slot on Australian TV - either free to air or via subscription channels and online platforms.


Applications for production funding will be assessed considering:

  • The overall economic and employment impact to NSW including the total expenditure in NSW
  • Projected production expenditure in western Sydney and regional NSW
  • Opportunities for skills development for NSW emerging and established practitioners
  • The amount requested relative to the NSW spend
  • The qualities of the creative materials, relative to the team’s creative vision and market intentions, and readiness for production
  • Potential for innovation and impact in content, form, distribution and/or production methodologies
  • Potential for returning series
  • The track record and level of experience of the key creative team and crew relative to the ambitions of the project
  • The distribution and marketing plans for the project, (including international and domestic financing partners, new domestic and international delivery platforms)
  • The viability of the budget and schedule in terms of realizing the project’s stated ambitions
  • The amount requested and the amount available within the program.

Applicants must discuss their project with the Director, Sector Investment prior to submitting an application.

Note: If you intend on applying to both the Made in NSW – TV Drama Fund and the Regional Filming Fund for your project, please submit these applications concurrently.

Note also: Applicants should check the contracting timeframes of all funding agencies whose contributions appear in their finance plan, and build these timeframes into their schedule for closing and cashflow.


Do you meet eligibility requirements?